San Jose Construction Accident: Video Shows Explosion

san jose construction accident

Recently released video shows a dangerous accident at a hospital construction site in San Jose.

The video is from September 3, 2014 at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center construction site. Joel Ferreria, along with other members of the Turner Construction crew, was adding a section of steam pipe for a new 168-bed building. The video shows Ferreria climbing out of the underground vault as popping noises come from the same location. A cloud of steam erupted out of the vault, but Ferreria was pulled to safety by his co-workers before he could be scalded.

Santa Clara County officials said the video appeared in their email from an unknown source. The video was released as Santa Clara County’s frustrations over a two-year delay in the project’s completion grew. They claimed that the company was more focused on building Levi’s Stadium for the San Francisco 49ers than the construction of the medical center. Cal-OSHA does not have any record of the incident either.

A Turner representative recently said, “When this incident happened in 2014, we conducted a complete investigation and provided the results to the county.” The county responded to Turner with a letter stating that they had received no such notification. However, Ferreria did file for worker’s compensation claiming neck, digestive and nerve distress. He has not returned to the site since the incident.

Shortly after the video was released, the county locked up the construction site and would not allow Turner to return. They went on to use the footage in a successful effort to throw Turner off the project. The county has since announced that the Boldt Company will be resuming the project and have filed a lawsuit against Turner for unspecified damages.

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Source: ABC 7 News, 1 Sep 2015.